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Individual Bays

4 open bays for bookings at any time of the day.

Perfect for individuals or small groups.

Book at any time of the day.

Enjoy with food and drinks.


Private Rooms

Total of 6 private rooms in 4 different sizes.

Host a golf-themed gathering with family and friends.

Choose from 6 different rooms.

Caters to groups of all sizes.


Waiting Area / Cafe

A cosy place for you to hang out with your friends for some food and drinks before or after your game of golf.

Check out our delicious menu.

Hang out with friends after your game.


Merchandise Shop

We stock a fair collection of golf merchandise so that you'll be able to purchase them at your convenience.

Selection of golf gear & apparels.

Caters to groups of all sizes.


Club Fitting

Drop in to our club fitting room if you require custom fitting or repairs to your golf clubs.

Custom golf club fittings.

Professional golf club repairs.

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