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Francis Tan

Francis loves what he does, which is all aspects of the golfing industry…. he simply live and breathe golf.  He began his teaching career with Phil Brew Golf Academy back in 2011 over at NSRCC but decided to chase his dreams of overseas golfing experience and taught golf in Beijing, China, for 2 years.

Enquiries & Rates

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Why Choose Coaching at Par Tee?

We provide professional coaches and top-of-the-line facilities here at Par Tee to cater to coaching of students of all levels.

TrackMan 4 Equipped Golf Range

With incredible radar accuracy and precise shot analytics, students will understand their shots even better and improve on their stroke and technique with actionable data.

Train in Simulated Golf Courses

Apart from stroke technique, students will also be able to improve in strategy and gameplay from having access to over a hundred golf courses around the world.

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